Selling? How to prepare your home for photos

Selling your home can take a lot of effort. Between the spring clean, sprucing up the outdoors and clearing out all of your clutter. However, it’s important to remember that most people’s first impression of your home will not be up close and personal it will be through the photographs you present in listings. To really put your home a cut above the competition, it’s vital to capture your home’s best side on film. Here’s how to get started on making your home a superstar model!

Get a professional

While it can seem easy to just grab your old digital camera and take a few quick snaps to put up for your listing, a little more effort will go a long way. Hiring a seasoned home photographer will provide a wealth of options for styles of lens and shot, as well as someone who has a trained eye for the best side your home has to offer. We buy houses orlando

This means you can get crisp, clear, stunning imagery right through your photoset. A higher-quality set of photos is more likely to attract buyers, and is a must when selling.

Good lighting

One of the most important factors in a great home photograph is light. Your real estate photographer will be able to help here, but make sure all the blinds, shutters and curtains are open to bring in as much natural light as possible. Plus turn on all the lights in your home to ensure your property is flooded with as much light as can be. Of course make sure your windows are clean.

A good photographer should shoot your rooms when the light is at its brightest, and won’t let the shots become oversaturated. Doing it yourself, you can run this risk – an unsure photographer may end up with photos where the sunlight masks your home’s best features! This is why it’s important to get a professional. Who knows how much value you could add to the sale?

Add some plant life

Fresh green plants add a feeling of life and vitality to interior photos. Make sure any dead leaves are removed and large leaves dusted. If you don’t have any plants consider buying a pot plant to decorate the indoors as they help make the photos more appealing and can be used for the duration of the marketing campaign as they look at open for inspections too.

Clear the mess

Even the best camera won’t sell your home if you haven’t organized the rooms for maximum appeal. Take action before a photoshoot to let as much space flow through your home as possible – move surplus furniture and clutter, and make sure mirrors aren’t in places that could cause awkward reflections in photos.


Clear the clutter from any benches to help create the feeling of space. It is OK to leave one to two nice appliances on the bench, but make sure the smaller appliances and those that are old are put away.


Hide toiletries and ensure the bathroom/s look fresh. Adding some nice soap, a small flowering plant and perhaps a candle is all that should be on display on the bathroom vanity. Make sure there are fresh plump towels, preferably white, a new toilet roll and that the loo seat is down. Pull open the shower curtain or make sure the glass shower screen is sparkling clean.


Photos seem to pick up every detail and every imperfection, so make sure you spend some time straightening your bed covers and tucking them in, fluffing up the pillows, and ensure all clutter and personal items are removed from the bedside tables. A bedside light with a small vase or indoor plant is enough to create interest in the photo without cluttering the space.

Clear the clutter

Walk around your property with fresh eyes and make sure you have removed all items that are cluttering up the home. Ensure there are no shoes in the hallway, no old fruit in a fruit bowl, no mail, newspapers or paperwork piled up, nothing on the fridge door including youe kids art work, remote controls are out of sight, the majority of kids toys are hidden, and any sign of your pet such as food bowls, beds or litter boxes are removed

Highlight special features

If you have certain spaces that you want to highlight make sure you tell your photographer. For instance, you may want a feature shot of your beautiful display shelves, a fire place or fire pit, (but make sure it is lit or that the photographer photoshops in a fire). Perhaps you want to feature your hot tub or pool make – just make sure they are sparkling clean. Presenting these special features in the right way could help seal the deal with potential buyers.

Most people will see your home for the first time in a listing. By treating your home like a model for these photos, you’ll boost the number of people coming to the open home.

4 reasons to consider purchasing renter’s insurance

Whilst you might be living in someone’s else’s property, this place is still your home. It’s filled with all your items, your laptop, your bed…your stuff and these possessions are valuable to you. So what happens if someone breaks in and steals your computer or television, or you accidently set fire to the kitchen? In many instances you aren’t covered by your landlord’s insurance so without your own insurance you could come face to face with a whole lot of debt.


Imagine coming home to find your property has been broken into and your computer, jewellery and your granny’s favourite silver tea pot have been stolen– many of these items are irreplaceable, however most policy’s cover objects due to theft along with any damage caused to other items during the robbery


Imagine coming home one evening and find that your neighbour’s heater caused a fire and whilst your apartment is not destroyed, all your contents are damaged by smoke. Renters insurance can pay fire damage on belongings and in many cases will pay for you to stay somewhere else while the damage is repaired. Be aware insurance policies don’t cover cigarette burns or scorch marks.

Water damage

A water pipe has burst in your ceiling while you are at work and you come home to find your bed and favourite arm chair have been destroyed. Whilst your landlord’s insurance will pay to repair the apartment it doesn’t usually cover your personal belongings. Renters insurance will pay to either repair the bed and arm chair or replace them if they are totally destroyed.

Personal injury

If a visiting friend injures themselves in your home, in most cases you will be covered for all or part of any legal and medical fees as a result of the injury at your address. Obviously your liability coverage will vary depending on your circumstances so make sure you check your policy or ask your insurance agent for details on how much your liability coverage is.

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